Larson Associates Receives Major Support from the William and Florence Hewlett Foundation

Larson Associates built the first version of Holy Names Univerity's web site devoted to the practice of teaching music via the Kodaly Method back in 2004. This site has proved to be enduringly popular, and is one of the few sites from that era that continues to be a major resource to the community even without major updates. We are proud that the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation has provided funding for the complete reconstruction and expansion of the site, due to be launched on its tenth anniversary, January

Artist James Nares work in Major Metropolitan Museum show

In conjunction with his one man show at New York's Metropolitan Museum, artist James Nares commissioned us to create a new web site that features his work. That site is now live here. The site was built on the open source Mura

New York Times writes about Merce:65 Years App

The creation of the Merce Cunningham:65 Years was a multi-year endeavour featuring many key players. At the time of its release last August, the New York Times generously recounted the story at some length. You can read it

ArtForum Names Merce:65 Years as one of year’s best

ArtForum contributor Lynne Cook raves about the triumph of the Merce Cunningham Dance Company's final performance at New York's Armory on New Year's 2011, but goes on to write: Though irreparable, the loss of the troupe is partially offset by the unexpectedly rich and inventive ways in which the legendary choreographer’s legacy is being nurtured—not least by the Merce Cunningham Trust, which is supporting the restoration and revival of neglected works in his repertory. A groundbreaking iPad app released this year has also made accessible a wealth of hitherto unavailable archival photographs and videos, rounding out the material in the 2005 book Merce Cunningham: Fifty Years by the company’s veteran archivist, David Vaughan. The full story is here Also in ArtForum, David Valasco, writing about the incomparable film of the last Cunningham performances and released by Artpix, goes on to write: It all makes a perfect companion to Aperture’s iPad-only release from this summer,