New SF/Arts Express app released for iOS/Android

The mobile apps for SF/ have been completely rewritten and are now available. With current listings of more than 1,000 San Francisco and Bay Area arts events, the new SF/Arts Express app for iOS and Android puts all the information from our web site into a convenient, easy to use app. You can — Search for events in almost any conceivable way Find a venue on the map Find the direct link for tickets Explore event highlights as selected by our curators Find those events that are close to your current location Bookmark events for

John Cage 4’33” App Released

In cooperation with the John Cage Trust and publisher C.F. Peters, we have released an app version of Cage's iconic 4'33". From a review by Andy Cush: An app based on a piece of music that doesn’t have any notes in it. It sounds like a gimmick, or a poorly placed joke about the absurdity of modern art. Get it? The app doesn’t do anything, just like the piece! On the contrary, 4′ 33″ – John Cage, released in the iOS App Store Friday, is as fitting an homage to the iconoclastic composer as I’ve seen. 4’33″ is often mischaracterized as a silent work, but it is as much about the small incidental sounds that happen during the performance as it is about the lack of sounds coming from the stage. The app recognizes this, and asks you to record and share the sounds of your immediate surroundings  – a personal 4’33 performance. Because, as Cage writes “wherever we are, what we hear is mostly noise,” no two recordings can ever be the same. The app uploads

Larson Associates Launched New Official Arts Site for the City of San Francisco

The new official arts site for the City of San Francisco, SF/ has launched. A fully responsive website, designed to be viewed on any browser, phone or tablet, it features powerful interactive event searching, contemporary design and compelling presentation of feature content. It is by far the most comprehensive site of its type in Norther California, and ranks high in organic

Larson Associates Receives Major Support from the William and Florence Hewlett Foundation

Larson Associates built the first version of Holy Names Univerity's web site devoted to the practice of teaching music via the Kodaly Method back in 2004. This site has proved to be enduringly popular, and is one of the few sites from that era that continues to be a major resource to the community even without major updates. We are proud that the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation has provided funding for the complete reconstruction and expansion of the site, due to be launched on its tenth anniversary, January